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The Windmill text 2

Drum recording studio run by Ash Soan

Fraser T Smith circle small 2

“Every hit I’ve ever had which has live drums has been Ash. He can make a good production sound incredible. It’s the combination of feel, taste, sound and vibe which make him absolutely unique.”

FRASER T. SMITH (Producer)
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“Ash is one of my favourite drummers. His timing and feel are impeccable. His drums always sound great which I believe is in part because he often records them at his own studio. Great work Ash!”



The Studio

The Windmill is a drum tracking studio in the base of an 18th century windmill, built in response to changes within the music industry here in the UK and elsewhere. Budgets are often smaller, studios are closing and due to geography and time restrictions it’s not always possible to record drums the way you’d like. Here I’m able to offer flexibility to producers and the opportunity to have live drums on tracks which in the past would have been programmed or looped.

Artists I’ve recorded for at The Windmill include Jessie WareRumerGavin JamesBirdyTom OdellTake ThatFleur EastElla HendersonJeff LorberJames MorrisonRonan KeatingHamish Stuart and SealProducers that have hired the studio include Trevor HornJamie ScottSteve LipsonMark TaylorFraser T. SmithRob ShirakbariMike SpencerRollo ArmstrongJeff Lorber and Steve Power

The Windmill
Ash Soan Zildjian

Ash Soan

My discography includes 52 Top 20 albums, 46 of which reached the Top 10. It also includes 21 Top 10 singles and to date, I’ve recorded 18 No. 1 albums and 11 No. 1 singles that have featured on various pop and rock charts around the world.

I’ve recorded with multiple artists over the last 20 years including Cher, Robbie Williams, Seal, Cee Lo, Rumer, James Morrison, Ronan Keating, Enrique Iglesias, Celine Dion, Del Amitri, Birdy and Adele. I also played on the Terminator Genisys and Kung Fu Panda 3 movie soundtracks.

Producers will either send me stems or a stereo file without drums, plus a guide mp3 if necessary

I track drums at the studio, sending mp3 bounces of my progress to help with the creative process

When the track is in good shape I send WAV files (raw or rendered) for the producer to import into their session




Studio & Outboard

ProTools 12
Audient ID22
Audient ASP880
Universal Audio Apollo 16
Universal Audio API 500



Yamaha Sub Kick
Sennheiser MD421 x2
Shure SM57 x2
Shure Unidyne III 545
Beyerdynamic M160
AKG C414 x2
Coles 4038 x2

Gretsch Drums

Broadkaster – 22×14 / 10×8 / 12×8 / 16×16

1963 Roundbadge – 22×14 / 13×9 / 16×16

Broadkaster – 14×5.5
Broadkaster – 14×6.5
70s Chrome Over Brass – 14×5
Purple Heart – 12×7


Zildjian Cymbals

12″ FX Spiral Stacker
14″ A New Beat Hi Hats
18″ Kerope
19″ Kerope
20″ K Constantinople Medium Thin Low Ride
22″ K Constantinople Overhammered Thin Ride
22″ Kerope


Get in touch with any studio enquiries

Norfolk, UK


Drums recorded at the Windmill. #windmillsounds #itunes #Cher https://t.co/FMKh9O0W1U

Drums recorded in @StudioWindmill #HansZimmer #LorneBalfe #Repost hanszimmer For the @FIFAWWC, lornebalfe and I collaborated on a new theme song that reaches out to everyone who has a… https://t.co/2PDVADITMD

Drums recorded in @StudioWindmill #HansZimmer #LorneBalfe #Repost hanszimmer For the @FIFAWWC, lornebalfe and I collaborated on a new theme song that reaches out to everyone who has a… https://t.co/tRgyYJhjv8

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